British and Russian scientists meet together to work on process chemistry (Moscow, 2017)

Ученые из Российского химико-технологического университета имени Д.И. Менделеева в университете Лидс

The second face-to-face meeting of Institutional Links project participants took place in Moscow in October, 2017. Prof. John Blacker, Dr. Michael Chapman and Dr. Antonia Borissova from the University of Leeds have visited MUCTR.

The purpose of the trip was to introduce British colleagues to the previous work on the mathematical modeling and computer simulation of catalytic process at MUCTR, to discuss the first results and to determine what experimental data are important to develop reliable models.

As a result of discussion, it was stated that it is very important to investigate the catalyst distribution on the surface of the support. It would provide an information to determine the actual catalytic surface area, the information, which cannot be reliably accessed without the experimental data.

Also, some corrections were introduced into the models. For example, the kinetic scheme of the precess studied was extended to include some catalyst deactivation reaction.

Scientists from MUCTR have presented the first results of mathematical modeling according to the kinetic schemes developed during the previous face-to-face meeting in Leeds. On the other hand, scientists from the UoL have presented the first experimental results.

Main meetings were in the Tushino campus of MUCTR. Also, British delegation had a meeting with the MUCTR Rector A. Majouga. They discussed new trends in chemistry.